Friday, January 9, 2015

Mission Statement Mondays

You may have recently seen this blurb posted to our Facebook page...
CALLING all alumni! We’re starting a new blog campaign called “Mission Statement Mondays” to hi-light for future LASPers our commitment to our convictions as reflected in our mission statement. Please help us share how the program has accomplished these goals in your lives by contacting us at !
LASP's mission is “To cultivate a Christ-centered community of critical thinking learner-scholars from multiple disciplines that seeks to expand global awareness and integrate Kingdom values via experiential learning in the Latin American context, challenging students to respectfully engage our host cultures and strive for academic excellence."

Our goal in starting this new initiative is to connect our amazing alumni with potential students who are interested in learning more about LASP. We also love to hear stories about the real-life impacts of LASP and want to share them with the world!

So, if you're interested, send us your pictures, thoughts, quotes, current readings, work/life/random stories; anything you'd be willing to share with us! It is our hope that this will help create a more connected LASP community that continues to inspire faith and action.

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